Finger Articulation.

Today’s lesson comes directly from an email I received this morning from Emmiels;

“I’d be grateful if you teach articulation of the fingers on the piano”

So, I thought I would write a little piece on how you should carry your overall posture at the piano and how you can slightly adapt your playing style and seem like a seasoned pro!

Something you might not find another teacher tell you is that posture is the absolute most important aspect of playing any instrument. Maintaining good posture in your body and hands helps you play properly and look like a long-time pianist.

“How should I sit at the piano?”


Exactly like this. This photo is a brilliant example of keeping a straight back, relaxed shoulders and feet firmly on the floor. Keep it simple.

“How should my hands be on the piano?”

This is a question I get a lot from adult beginners because it can be pretty trick to self-teach good form. I have posted a photo here to show you exactly how your hands should be and this posture will allow you to be able to be nimble and agile on the keys. Remember to keep your wrists fairly high and play with your finger tips if possible; this will help when we start to play tricky pieces.

“Are there fingering patterns in scales?”

Yes absolutely. You should number your fingers in your head starting with the thumb being number 1 and your baby/ little finger being number 5. Depending on which scale you are playing, there are pretty standard finger patterns here and I have included a quick scale below to show you how you should play each pattern. You can go into greater detail using my free eBook on the first three scales I think you need to learn here. This eBook is a great FREE resource to get you going. I’m in the final stages of writing my first eBook, but I’ll let you all know about this in the near future!


Ok, so I hope this has helped you out a little bit and I’d like to say thank you again to Emmiels for send me the email that has inspired today’s lesson. If you liked it or would changed something about it, let me know by leaving a little comment or like, thank you so much for taking the time to read this!